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Custom Training Aboard Your Own Boat

San Francisco Bay Area

Brian is an effective teacher, with a style that builds confidence and mastery in his students. Unlike other teachers who tell you too exactly what to do, or don't assist when a student really needs help, Brian knows just how much to guide a student to maximize learning by doing. While teaching on the water, Brian will always intervene to ensure safety, but he also lets students make mistakes, and then patiently guides them, with gentle suggestions, to their own solutions and conclusions. Brian's students learn to be sailors who think for themselves and sail with confidence with a proper safety mindset.

-Evan McDonald
Three-time Bay Area Multihull Champion

Brian is the best kind of instructor there is. He quickly observed how I learned and adapted his style for me. He is extremely patient and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of sailing. The thing I loved the most about taking lessons with Brian is that I felt he had complete confidence in me. He allowed me to make (safe) mistakes and work through what went wrong, which is how I like to learn. I think the reason he was able to do so was that he was comfortable handling any situation that might come up! It was such a pleasure to learn from him and the experience added to my love of sailing!!

-Emily Richards
Film Producer

Brian is the most patient and skilled teacher I have met in all of my 37 years of any subject both in person and online. He is incredibly organized with his content and has a gift in quickly assessing which teaching methods are most compatible with each individual student’s needs. I would highly recommend him for any student seeking sailing instruction. He is thorough and honest and makes learning really enjoyable and fun as well!

-Aimée P
Adult Educator

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